Kailab X YotoToy 1/12 Custom 20cm Action Figure Jack the Ripper Chengdu Cosmo Limited Edition

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Jack’s skull ✖️1

Skeleton body ✖️1

A pair of skeleton hands

A pair of skeleton feet

A pair of leather gloves hands

A pair of leather shoes

Jack’s crutch ✖️1

Jack’s machete ✖️1

Jack’s short knife ✖️1

Jack’s scissors ✖️1(can be deformed)

Long-sleeved white shirt ✖️1

Scarf ✖️1

Apron ✖️1

9-point trousers ✖️1

Jack’s windbreaker ✖️1

Skulls and weapons, 100% handmade.

It will be completed in 90 days and shipped.

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